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What are your skills ?

Our company (ELONET) was created back in 2010. We are Software and IT specialists, mostly for big size corporations (20000+ employees). We always wished to provide the same innovative and progressive forces to our small and medium clients, that's why we created and We are certified in many fields : software developpment (C, Python, Go, PHP, IA, Big Data, ... ), IT systems (Linux), Cloud projects (AWS, GCP), and methods of organizations.

What is your process to handle clients' requests ?

We let our clients buy working hours. That's a provisionning mechanism. They then are able to spend credits (minutes, hours) on issues, projects, trainings, whatever, by phone or email. We don't count into credits requests that take less than 5 minutes to handle by our side. For more than 5 minutes work tasks, we'll always give you a quote before spending any minute on the subject.

What are the prices ?


Are you related to the Dolibarr project ?

Our company is classified as a "Prefered partner" but we are not the non-profit association named Dolibarr (website here). This association manages the software project.

If I need more or other computer services, can I request some help ?

We'll be glad to help you grow, let us know on Doli.Tech. We have IT skills, software development skills, network skills, AI skills, skills to manage and build projects, IT. All of these skills are certified skills.